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You’ll find here all the information you can possibly need, with accommodations ranging from villa rentals to hotel reservations, activites, events, as well as a multitude of services that can help you personalize your trip and make your holiday a truly fabulous experience.

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Discover Sint Maarten

Beautiful white sandy beaches, deserted islands as Prickley Pear, Sandy Island, Dog and Scrub Island… inviting to luxuriate in precious moments of dolce far niente.. More than 100 nationalities living peacefully side by side, attracting your senses to indulge in exotique cultures and flavours.

The History of St. Maarten

To understand today’s St. Martin, it is worth to examine its fascinating history. English, Portuguese, Dutch, Flemish, Spanish and French desired to take possession of the island because of its protected waters and salt deposits in the 16th century.

Weather forecast

Average temperature during dry season is 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the busiest period of the year in the Caribbean region. There is a slight dip in temperature in the morning and evening, and nights can get somehow ‘fresh’.



Getting to St. Maarten

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How to get to St. Maarten?

St. Martin / Sint Maarten is a fashionable destination in the Caribbean Sea. Whether you decide to arrive by plane, boat, cruise ship, the islands infrastructure is ready to welcome voyageurs in whatever means they have chosen. Airports, Ports, Marinas, it is easy accessible and makes it a one of a kind tropical island destination. All major airlines from the United States, Europe, and South America fly regularly to SXM. It has the biggest cruise ship port, not to mention that it features as well the largest Mega Yacht port of all the Caribbean islands.



Getting around

Many ways to discover our tropical paradise! Either you decide to stay on St. Martin and Sint Maarten, or you want to explore the surrounding islands. Visitors will find easy and affordable ways to get around. Border checks on the island are in general not performed, and tourists circulate freely with their rental cars, bikes, taxis on both sides of the ‘friendly island’. Rental cars are available in abundance, reliable taxi services, motorbikes, ferries, you name it we have it, and all at reasonable rates.

Practical information



Hotels Villas Cottages Rental agencies


The island offers a great deal of hotels. Authentic boutique hotels to international resorts, visitors will surely find the accommodation suitable for every personal need and desire. Two distinct cultures present 2 different styles to meet your expectations.


Villa rental is the ultimate in vacationing! Personalized and exclusive services, spectacular settings, every kind of style imaginable, private swimming pool and Spa, private chef services, that is what to expect, and nothing less than that. Many villa rental agencies succeed on both sides of the island, and each of it is eager to provide personal attention for their valued guests


Bungalows, Cottages, Guesthouses, Apartments on St. Martin / Sint Maarten offer usually good value for the money. They are in general well-equipped, renovated, well kept, and ranging from basic to luxury. Settings are often spectacular, for example right on the Simpson Bay Beach or the Nettle Bay Beach, with breathtaking views on pristine waters and white sandy beaches, surrounded by lush vegetation in tropical gardens.

Rental agencies

Interested visitors will find a great number of villa rental specialists on the island. Many of them have more than 20 years of experience and are located here. Confident in their knowledge of their island, and used to comply with the wishes of the even most demanding client, they will find you the right property. Full product knowledge is an essential, and travelers can expect highest quality for their lodgings. A luxury vacation home for a fancy Caribbean lifestyle!


Restaurants Cuisine Wine Food Stores


St. Martin / Sint Maarten is known as the Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean islands, and this for a good reason. Not less than 300 restaurants can be counted on this little Caribbean gem, and a great number among them are gastronomic. Staffed with the worlds best chefs used to the experienced gourmet traveler, they offer more flavors than whatever you might have expected. Be open to dare new ‘cuisines’ originated from the rest of the world!


Being in a tropical paradise in the middle of the Caribbean and taste the culture of wine growing! St Martin / Sint Maarten is proud of its outstanding availability of wines and champagnes. When on vacation (and not only on vacation), wine and dine is very important, and fabulous French Wine boutiques (les caves) are blooming on St. Martin. To make the right choice might look impressive, there is nothing wrong to ask a knowledgeable and helpful Sommeliers to guide you through.

Food stores and Groceries

Staying on the island you will certainly not be lacking anything in groceries you are used to back home. Moreover, visitors have the chance to discover the products of France and Europe all together, not to mention local goodies and fruits and vegetables, and everything else what grows on the surrounding Caribbean islands… and in the sea… Food shopping is a real pleasure, entering the supermarkets and local open markets feels like traveling into another world, explore by yourself what the world has to offer!


Beaches Leisure Nightlife Sport


The beach lover will find the perfect beach for his/her taste. Should it be an isolated cove, or activity filled, rocky shores for snorkeling, a white sandy beach, St. Martin is the place to be. Some of the beaches have restaurants with lounge chairs and umbrellas, offering all kind of amenities and water sport activities, others are just pure nature. Resorts are often located on the beaches.


Spas are heaven! And St. Martin / SInt Maarten has a great number of them. What an ultimate experience to relax, energize and rejuvenate your body and soul. Gorgeous skin, shiny hair, fewer pounds, the list of benefits is unlimited! Healthy and revitalizing getaways, escape the routine and have yourself pampered with the superlative of the latest treatment in fashion, performed by highly skilled professionals.

Night life

St. Martin / Sint Maarten the perfect place for party animals! 40 casinos and dance venues, so many voguish places to go and hopefully enough vacation to check them out! Life music all year round, dance to the beat of the hot sounds of Latin, Soca and Calypso, funky Soul, cool Reggae…


Sports enthusiasts St. Martin / Sint Maarten is the place to be. Watersports and fitness addicted, nature lovers and protectors, take a pick of spots and places and trails, you won’t be disappointed about the choice you made.


Ecology Wilflife Flora




Most part of the island is nowadays very developed, but still features a variety of habitats giving home to a great range of native and non-native fauna. Exploring St. Martin with an ‘experts eye’ and a close look, the interested traveler distinguishes species living in their natural habitat like coral reefs and sea grass beds, the lagoon in the center, many salt ponds, seaside forests and mangrove wetlands, ephemeral tropical forest up the hills and dry scrubland in the middle of the island.



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